There is no Arriving

There is no Arriving
What are three things that you could change in your business that would stop your worry, stop the drama, and make your life blissful?
Maybe you want to add some zeros to the end of your bank account balance, or maybe you want that one employee who is driving you crazy to go away, or maybe you want an extra three hours in each day to finally get caught up.
Whatever it is, I’ve got news for you.

Your problem will never be solved. 

Don’t believe me? I’ll prove it to you. Let’s look at the sample problems I listed above, one by one.

1. You want to add some zeros to the end of your bank account balance.

Wouldn’t that be fun? You could wave a magic wand and suddenly you would have more money. Lots more money. The problem with this scenario is that you still wouldn’t know how to make money. The reason why you don’t have money in the bank now is that you either don’t know how to make it yet, or you don’t know how to not spend all of your money to then make it. Magically putting money in the bank for you won’t solve your problem of not knowing how to make and keep money. Sorry, sweetie. Still doomed.
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 2. You want that one employee who is driving you crazy to magically go away.

The reason your employee is driving you crazy is becuase you haven’t learned the skills to manage that type of employee yet, or you haven’t developed the balls (yes, even if you are a woman) to maintain boundaries to fire them.  Even if that employee quit tomorrow, there is a very good chance that you would have this employee issue show up again since you didn’t deal with it the first time. Your problem isn’t solved.

 3. Wanting extra hours in a day to finally get caught up

Two for three, I’m on a roll of crushing your dreams. The reason you are behind is because you either (1) have put too much on your plate, or (2) you jump from task to task, not even knowing where to begin, so you spend your day answering emails, answering employee questions and feeling the staggering overwhelm of all of the MAJOR projects that you didn’t get to that day because you were just so busy with . . . you don’t know what.

motivation issues you will never arrive

Well, bad news again for you. Giving you three extra hours would just give you three more hours of being you. You would still be unorganized, chaotic, and overwhelmed.

But wait, I really can overcome these problems!

Yes, you can learn how to make money and keep it. But then you have more problems. I have all of this money sitting in the bank, and it is freaking me out! I don’t know how to invest. I don’t know what to invest in. And my family is starting to ask me for loans (and gifts). And my sister-in-law resents me for my success. And . . . and. . . and. . . your problems will never be solved.

Stop waiting to be happy

So as cliche and overused as this expression is, it turns out it is true. The joy is in the journey. Gratitude for what you have now is where it is at. And . . . if you are ready to trade in your current set of problems for an upgraded set of problems, I dare you to come join me for 2 1/2 days of packed learning.

xo, Kim


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